e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 33, No 4 (2008)


Virtual acoustics: opportunities and limits of spatial sound reproduction PDF
Michael VORLAENDER 413–422
Perception of fast time fluctuations in the sound level by persons with a cochlear implant PDF
The noise-induced harmful effect assessment based on the properties of the human hearing system PDF
Józef KOTUS, Bożena KOSTEK 435–440
Auditory information processing for sound perception and vocalization in case of tritone paradox PDF
Honorata HAFKE 441–446
McGurk effect in Polish listeners PDF
Wojciech MAJEWSKI 447–454
Logatom articulation index evaluation of speech enhanced by blind source separation and single-channel noise reduction PDF
Szymon DRGAS, Jędrzej KOCIŃSKI, Aleksander P. SĘK 455–474
Application of sentence tests in the investigation of speech intelligibility in quiet and noise in adult CI recipients supported with a hearing aid PDF
Marek NIEWIAROWICZ, Olgierd STIELER, Dariusz KOMAR 475–482
Music information analysis and retrieval techniques PDF
Bożena KOSTEK, Łukasz KANIA 483–496
Study of effects of surgical treatment in the larynx area on the speech signal PDF
Active noise control - a review of control-related problems PDF
Marek PAWEŁCZYK 509–520
Improvement of effectiveness in active triangular plate vibration reduction PDF
Adam BRAŃSKI, Stanisław SZELA 521–530
Influence of damping and fluid loading on the plate vibration control PDF
Lucyna LENIOWSKA 531–540
Directional properties of the loudspeaker systems with analog and digital crossover networks PDF
Marek NIEWIAROWICZ, Henryk ŁOPACZ 541–551
Quo vadis, ultrasonics of bone? Present state and future trends PDF
Pascal LAUGIER, Maryline TALMANT, Thien-Ly PHAM 553–564
Pulsed nonlinear acoustic fields from clinically relevant sources: numerical calculations and experiments results PDF
Janusz WÓJCIK, Tamara KUJAWSKA, Andrzej NOWICKI 565–571
Laboratory setup for synthetic aperture ultrasound imaging PDF
Ihor TROTS, Andrzej NOWICKI, Marcin LEWANDOWSKI 573–580
Ultrasounds in gas media: generation, transmission, applications (review paper) PDF
Tadeusz GUDRA 581–592
Double pulse transmission - signal-to-noise ratio improvement in ultrasound imaging PDF
Ihor TROTS, Andrzej NOWICKI, Marcin LEWANDOWSKI, Wojciech SECOMSKI, Jerzy LITNIEWSKI 593–601
Piezoelectric material characterization by acoustic methods PDF
Emmanuel LE CLEZIO, Thomas DELAUNAY, Mountaga LAM, Guy FEUILLARD 603–608
Acoustic cavitation and bubble dynamics PDF
Werner LAUTERBORN, Thomas KURZ, Robert METTIN, Philipp KOCH, Dennis KROENINGER, Daniel SCHANZ 609–617
Experimental study of transmission of ultrasonic wave in optical fibers PDF
Sylwia MUC 619–625
Ultrasonic measurements of aqueous solutions of [ampersand]beta;-cyclodextrin with alkyl pyridinium bromides PDF
Andrzej BALCERZAK 627–641
Reduction of structural noise inside crane cage by piezoelectric actuators - FEM simulation PDF
Marek S. KOZIEŃ, Jerzy WICIAK 643–652