Archives of Acoustics, 33, 4, pp. 541–551, 2008

Directional properties of the loudspeaker systems with analog and digital crossover networks

Poznań University of Medical Sciences, Otolaryngology Clinic

AGH University of Science and Technology

Directional properties of loudspeaker systems with analog
and digital crossover networks have been investigated. The study has been
performed for a three-way loudspeaker system subjectively classified as of
average quality. The digital crossover networks have been designed in such
manner that the cut-off frequencies of filters (1000 Hz and 5000 Hz)
corresponded to those of the analog networks and the slopes of the amplitude
characteristics were 12 and 18 dB/oct. The set of impulse responses for
different angles in the whole sphere around the loudspeaker system were measured
and then, applying a convolution with the excitation signals of the "tone burst"
type, for some specific frequencies from the cut-off region of crossover
networks, the directional characteristics have been calculated for the steady
and transient states. The quantitative analyses of results, based on the values
of directional coefficient, show significant differences between the
characteristics in steady and transient states, as well as for the analog and
digital systems.
Keywords: analog crossover network; digital crossover network; transient states; directivity
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