e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 40, No 2 (2015)

In Memoriam

Professor Jerzy KAPELEWSKI PDF
Eugeniusz KOZACZKA 149–150

Research Papers

A Simulation for Detecting Nonlinear Echoes from Microbubbles Packets PDF
Mohamed Galal Sayed ALI, Nour Zaky ELSAYED, Ebtsam Ali EID 151–157
Influence of Loading Time of a Load Plate and Sample Size on the Measurement of Physical Properties of Resilient Materials PDF
Kyoung woo KIM, Jun oh YEON, Kwan seop YANG, Myung jun KIM 159–167
Dynamic Properties of Concrete Composite Panels under Eccentric Compression Loading Tests PDF
Max De Castro MAGALHAES, Roberto Marcio da SILVA 169–181
Analysis of the Accuracy of Uncertainty Noise Measurement PDF
Bartosz PRZYSUCHA, Wojciech BATKO, Agata SZELĄG 183–189
Deep Belief Neural Networks and Bidirectional Long-Short Term Memory Hybrid for Speech Recognition PDF
Łukasz BROCKI, Krzysztof MARASEK 191–195
Recognition of Acoustic Signals of Loaded Synchronous Motor Using FFT, MSAF-5 and LSVM PDF
Adam GLOWACZ 197–203
Real-Time Acoustic Phenomena Modelling for Computer Games Audio Engine PDF
Bartłomiej MIGA, Bartosz ZIÓŁKO 205–211
Frequency of the Audiometric Notch Following Excessive Noise Exposure PDF
Lidija RISTOVSKA, Zora JACHOVA, Nikica ATANASOVA 213–221
Sound Radiation from a Surface Source Located at the Bottom of the Wedge Region PDF
Krzysztof SZEMELA 223–234
Characterizing Subjective Noisiness in Hospital Lobbies PDF
Chiung Yao CHEN 235–246
On Certain Practical Issues Relating to Construction of the In-duct Single Mode Synthesizer PDF
Łukasz GORAZD, Anna SNAKOWSKA, Jerzy JURKIEWICZ, Artur FLACH 247–255
MFC Sensors and Actuators in Active Vibration Control of the Circular Plate PDF
Lucyna LENIOWSKA, Dominik MAZAN 257–265
Study of Noise Propagation for Small Vessels PDF
Mateusz Wojciech WERYK, Eugeniusz KOZACZKA, Grażyna GRELOWSKA 267–272
Group and Phase Velocity of Love Waves Propagating in Elastic Functionally Graded Materials PDF
Piotr KIEŁCZYŃSKI, Marek SZALEWSKI, Andrzej BALCERZAK, Krzysztof WIEJA 273–281
Mutually Orthogonal Golay Complementary Sequences in Synthetic Aperture Imaging Systems PDF
Ihor TROTS 283–289