Archives of Acoustics, 33, 4(S), pp. 45–52, 2008

RLS-Based Control Algorithms for 3D Zones of Quiet

Małgorzata I. MICHALCZYK


The paper summarises research on application of RLS-based (recursive least squares)
adaptive control algorithms for single-channel active noise control (ANC) system, used to
create three dimensional (3D) local zones of quiet in a reverberant enclosure by attenuation
of tonal disturbances. Three different ANC system structures are concerned: classical
“filtered-x”, modified “filtered-x” and “adjoint” structures. A problem of parameterisation of
six RLS-based adaptive control algorithms is evaluated, initially in simulations with the use of nonsimplified plant models and tonal disturbances. Next, research results are proved in realworld
experiments. Finally, the efficiency of ANC systems using different control structures
and RLS-based control algorithms is compared.
Keywords: active noise control, adaptive control, electro-acoustic plant models, RLS algorithm
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