Archives of Acoustics, 34, 4, pp. 591-599, 2009

An Ironless Large Displacement Flat Piston Loudspeaker

Mathias REMY
LAUM, CNRS, Université du Maine

LAUM, CNRS, Université du Maine; Technocentre Renault

Technocentre Renault

This paper presents a small wide-band loudspeaker.
Particular efforts have been made to reduce the nonlinearities of the
loudspeaker as much as possible. The motor structure is completely ironless, the
elastomer suspensions are replaced by ferrofluid seals and a monobloc carbon
foam piston substitutes the traditional conic membrane. The circular radiating
surface, which is flat, has a diameter equal to only 2cm. Therefore, in order to
obtain a sufficient sound pressure level at low frequencies, large displacements
of the piston are necessary. After a detailed description of each part of the
loudspeaker, theoretical results of the expected performances of this transducer
are given.
Keywords: loudspeaker; ironless; flat piston; large displacement
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