Archives of Acoustics, 43, 3, pp. 447–453, 2018

Using Empirical Mode Decomposition of Backscattered Ultrasound Signal Power Spectrum for Assessment of Tissue Compression

Michal BYRA
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences

Quantitative ultrasound has been widely used for tissue characterization. In this paper we propose a new approach for tissue compression assessment. The proposed method employs the relation between the tissue scatterers’ local spatial distribution and the resulting frequency power spectrum of the backscattered ultrasonic signal. We show that due to spatial distribution of the scatterers, the power spectrum exhibits characteristic variations. These variations can be extracted using the empirical mode decomposition and analyzed. Validation of our approach is performed by simulations and in-vitro experiments using a tissue sample under compression. The scatterers in the compressed tissue sample approach each other and consequently, the power spectrum of the backscattered signal is modified. We present how to assess this phenomenon with our method. The proposed in this paper approach is general and may provide useful information on tissue scattering properties.
Keywords: tissue characterization; tissue compression; quantitative ultrasound; empirical mode decomposition; signal analysis
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