Archives of Acoustics, 36, 2, pp. 437–460, 2011

Nonlinear Distortions in Electroacoustic Devices

Wrocław University of Technology Institute of Telecommunications Teleinformatics and Acoustics Chair of Acoustics

The task of electroacoustic devices is a transmission of audio signals. The transmitted
signal should be distorted as little as possible. Nonlinear distortions are the
distortions depending on signal level. The types of nonlinear distortions as well as
their measures are presented in the paper. The weakest device in an electroacoustic
chain is a loudspeaker. It causes the greatest degradation of the signal. It is usually
the most nonlinear part of the electroacoustic system. The nonlinearities in loudspeakers
are described in details. Other types of nonlinear distortions as transient
intermodulation in power amplifiers and distortions caused by the A/C sampling
are also presented.
Keywords: nonlinear distortion; electroacoustics
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