Archives of Acoustics, 31, 4(S), pp. 261-274, 2006

GIS-class systems of spatial information as the base for creating strategic acoustic maps of urban areas

Jan Kaźmierczak
Silesian University of Technology, Roosevelta 26, 41-800 Zabrze

A. Lipowczan
Central Mining Institute in Katowice

W. Batko
AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków

B. Rudno-Rudzińska
Wrocław University of Technology

K. Rudno-Rudziński
Wrocław University of Technology

The subject of this paper is an issue of strategic acoustic map creation in cities in accordance
with the, so called, EU Noise Directive (END 2002/49) and Polish law related to this
directive (act “Environment Protection Law”). The authors of the paper represent a consortium
of research entities which since autumn 2003 have been implementing a research project
No 6T07 2002/C.05779 “Development of the national system of creation and exploitation of
digital acoustic maps of large and middle-sized cities for purposes of professional spatial planning
and educational aims”, co-financed by the Committee of Scientific Research (KBN). The
basic methodological assumption of this project is development of the technology of a strategic
acoustic map creation as an autonomous layer in the Spatial (Geographical) Information
Systems (GIS), currently used for many purposes by Polish local governments. This article
presents the progress of development of this project in its three basic aspects: map information
processing aspect, acoustic aspect and an aspect of managing a complex research and
application activity. In particular, there were emphasised specific steps, comprising scientific
project schedule and conclusions from so far completed tasks. There was also presented the
conception of managing the activities in municipal offices related to creation and exploitation
of strategic acoustic maps with usage of business process mapping technique. This particular
technique may both support the effective development of the practical part of the project, as
well as the educational and implementation part, comprising training of local governments
personnel and advisory relating to the creation of local programs for excessive noise counteraction.
Keywords: EU Noise Mapping, GIS technology.
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