Archives of Acoustics, 37, 1, pp. 123–128, 2012

40th Winter School on Vibroacoustical Hazards Suppressions Szczyrk, Poland, February 27 –March 2, 2012


Traditionally you are invited to acquaint yourselves
with some abstracts of lectures submitted to the 40th
Winter School on Vibroacoustical Hazards Suppres-
sions. This national School is traditionally held at the
turn of February and March and is organized in differ-
ent places of Silesian Beskidy Mountains. This year it
is again held in Szczyrk.
This year we celebrate the jubilee edition of the
School. Because of this anniversary the conference
apart from standard organizers, i.e. Upper Silesian Di-
vision of the Polish Acoustical Society and Institute
of Physics – Science-Didactic Center at the Silesian
University of Technology, has also a co-organizer – the
Committee on Acoustics of the Polish Academy of Sci-
ences. Moreover there are two splendid honorary pa-
trons – Prof. Zbigniew Engel, president of the Com-
mittee on Acoustics of the Polish Academy of Sciences,
and Prof. Andrzej Bluszcz, director of the Institute of
Physics – Science-Didactic Center at the Silesian Uni-
versity of Technology.
The conference is a forum for all environmen-
tal vibroacoustic fields. Particularly it concerns traf-
fic noise, industry noise, vibroacoustics of machines,
room acoustics, noise protection and similar problems.
Works which are presented during the School are the-
oretical, experimental, measuring, technical, applied
and normative. The program of the 40th edition of
the School is very rich – there are some occasional lec-
tures to celebrate our anniversary and many plenary
lectures which recapitulate different achievements in
Polish environmental acoustics. It should be mentioned
that this year Polish acousticians celebrate the cen-
tennial birthday of a famous Polish scientist, Ignacy
The School lectures and other conference materials
will be published in the “Materials of the XL Winter
School on Vibroacoustical Hazards Suppressions” (in
Polish) edited by dr. Roman Bukowski. This publica-
tion will be intended for participants of the School and
for many libraries in Poland.
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