Archives of Acoustics, 32, 4(S), pp. 41-46, 2007

Frequencies of localized acoustic modes in dependence on mutual relation of components of Au/V nanolayers

Mikołaj Aleksiejuk
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Świętokrzyska 21, 00-049 Warszawa

The paper presents the study of frequencies of the acoustic localized modes in metallic
Au/V nanolayers. On the basis of Rytov model describing acoustic wave propagation in periodic
layered medium and Djafari–Rouhani formula the frequencies of localized modes were
numerically calculated. Dependencies of localized modes frequencies were presented graphically
as a function of $b/L$ nanolayer parameter ($b$ – thickness of Au sublayer, $L$ – thickness of
Au/V bilayer) for first and second phononic stop bands. Obtained experimentally frequencies
of localized modes for Au/V nanolayers were compared with calculated values. Accordance
between experimental and theoretical results is satisfactory.
Keywords: metallic nanolayers, localized acoustic modes.
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