Archives of Acoustics, 40, 3, pp. 321–327, 2015

DC Motor Fault Analysis with the Use of Acoustic Signals, Coiflet Wavelet Transform, and K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier

AGH University of Science and Technology

This paper focuses on testing the monitoring system of the Direct Current motor. This system gives the possibility of diagnosing various types of failures by means of analysis of acoustic signals. The applied method is based on a study of acoustic signals generated by the DC motor. A study plan of the DC motor’s acoustic signal was proposed. Studies were conducted for a faultless DC motor and Direct Current motor with 3 shorted rotor coils. Coiflet wavelet transform and K-Nnearest neighbor classifier with Euclidean distance were used to identify the incipient fault.
Keywords: acoustic signal; Coiflet wavelet; fault detection; DC motor.
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DOI: 10.1515/aoa-2015-0035

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