Archives of Acoustics, 39, 1, pp. 25-36, 2014

Type A Standard Uncertainty of Long-Term Noise Indicators

Wojciech BATKO
AGH University of Science and Technology

Bartłomiej STĘPIEŃ
AGH University of Science and Technology

The problem of estimation of the long-term environmental noise hazard indicators and their uncertainty is presented in the present paper. The type A standard uncertainty is defined by the standard deviation of the mean. The rules given in the ISO/IEC Guide 98 are used in the calculations. It is usually determined by means of the classic variance estimators, under the following assumptions: the normality of measurements results, adequate sample size, lack of correlation between elements of the sample and observation equivalence. However, such assumptions in relation to the acoustic measurements are rather questionable. This is the reason why the authors indicated the necessity of implementation of non-classical statistical solutions. An estimation idea of seeking density function of long-term noise indicators distribution by the kernel density estimation, bootstrap method and Bayesian inference have been formulated. These methods do not generate limitations for form and properties of analyzed statistics. The theoretical basis of the proposed methods is presented in this paper as well as an example of calculation process of expected value and variance of long-term noise indicators $L_{DEN}$ and $L_N$. The illustration of indicated solutions and their usefulness analysis were constant due to monitoring results of traffic noise recorded in Cracow, Poland.
Keywords: long-term noise indicators, uncertainty, non-classical statistics, kernel density estimation, bootstrap, Bayesian inference
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DOI: 10.2478/aoa-2014-0004