Archives of Acoustics, 43, 3, pp. 413–423, 2018

The Radiation Efficiency Measurements of Real System of a Thin Circular Plate Embedded Into a Thick Square Baffle

Krzysztof SZEMELA
The University of Rzeszów

Wojciech P. RDZANEK
The University of Rzeszów

Wojciech ŻYŁKA
The University of Rzeszów

Most of sound sources are complex vibroacoustic objects consist of numerous elements. Some coupled vibrating plates of different shapes and sizes can be easily found in urban environments. The main aim of this study is to determine the sound radiation of coupled plates system of practical importance. The investigated vibroacoustic system consist of a thin circular plate coupled with a thick flat baffle with a circular hole. The circular plate has been mounted to the baffle’s hole using screws and two steel rings. The measurement setup was located inside a semi-anechoic chamber to assure the free field conditions. It was necessary to take into account the whole system surface to obtain the radiation efficiency based on the Hashimoto’s method. Such an approach can be troublesome and time-consuming. Therefore, the criterion has been proposed which allows the vibration velocity measurements and calculations to be performed only for the thin plate’s area. An alternative approach has been proposed based on the classical Rayleigh integral formula. Its advantage is a simpler implementation in a computer code. The obtained results have been compared with the theoretical results obtained for the elastically supported circular plate. A good agreement has been obtained at low frequencies.
Keywords: radiation efficiency; measurements; Hashimoto’s method; coupled plates
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Copyright © Polish Academy of Sciences & Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (IPPT PAN).


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