Archives of Acoustics, 10, 4, pp. 345-358, 1985

Active noise and vibration control (anvc): current trends, permanent aims and future possibilities

Maurice Jessel
Centre National de la Recherche Scionti- fique (CNRS)

The main purpose of this report is to provide a deaper and more adequate understanding of ANVC. A, literature of about 500 papers is now available and has been analysed: ANVC is now developed in many directions; many ex¬periments have been done, proving that several kinds of noise and vibration can be attenuated substantially by active devices. Industrial and commercial ex¬ploitation seems a matter for tomorrow.
An epistemological obstacle is emphasized, which may be called "antica¬usality" or teleonomy. A shift of paradigm (in Ktrines sense) seems to be useful or even necessary to get a fair understanding of how to solve a practical active control problem.
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