Archives of Acoustics, 9, 3, pp. 381-385, 1984

2nd spring school on acoustooptics and its applications Gdansk-Wieiyca, 24-29 May, 1983

Antoni Śliwiński
University of Gdańsk

Three years after the 1st Spring School on Acoustooptics and its Applications (Archi¬ves of Acoustics, 16, 3 (1981)), which had been held at Wieiyca near Gdansk, another meeting in this field took place, organized by the Institute of Experimental Physics, Gdansk Universi¬ty, in cooperation with the Section of Quantum and Molecular Acoustics and Sonochemistry of the Polish Acoustical Society and with support by the Institute of Fundamental Technolo¬gical Research, Polish Academy of Sciences.
The Honorary Committee included Prof. Dr. Z. JAGODZIliSlit, Chairman of the Polish Acoustical Society; Prof. Dr. A. KAWSKI, Deputy Rector of Gdansk University; Prof. Dr. I. MALEOKI, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research; Prof. Dr. A. ()FILM, Chairman of the Section of Quantum and Molecular Acoustics and Sonochemistry of the Polish Acou¬stical Society; Prof. Dr. J. RANACIIOWSKI, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences.
The Organizing Committee included Prof. Dr. A. grawiiisiii, Chairman; Dr. A. MAR-KIEWICZ, Secretary; Dr. I. WOICIECHOWSIKA, Deputy Secretary; and Drs. M. BORYSEWICZ, M. KOSMOL, P. KwIEK, B. LINDE as members.
The Programme of the School consisted of physical, technical and technological prob¬lems related to interaction between light and ultrasound in fluids and solids. The points of interest were bulk, transverse and surface elastic waves interacting with a light beam, particularly a laser light beam.
Although the School took place a year later than originally planned, it lost nothing of its topical value, enjoying a large interest on the part of the experts, not only those who had participated in the 1st School in 1980, but also those who came to this working meeting for the time.
The School provided an opportunity for, mutual exchange of knowledge about a large number of specific problems with which this rather narrow field of science is concerned.
70 persons took part in the School 28 lectures and original papers by invited inter-nationally famous experts were delivered. 12 papers were presented in poster form.
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