Archives of Acoustics, 7, 3-4, pp. 173-182, 1982

A geometrical-numerical method for the determination of the acoustic field properties related to the directions of reflected waves*

Maria Tajchert
Institute of Radioelectronics, Warsaw Technical University

A method for theoretical determination of the field in enclosures is presen¬ted. To analyse the directivity of the field, the spatial distributions of the direc¬tions of the reflected waves and their energy are calculated using the geometrical-numerical method. Diffusion coefficients of the directions, energy and ray energy are introduced. These coefficients characterize in general the directional pro¬perties of the field at a given point and determine in detail the values of energy reaching the observation point from different parts of the space. An algorithm for a computer program and the results of numerical calculations for a rectangular room which illustrate the effect of the different parameters of the source-room¬observation point system on the directional properties of the field are given.
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