Archives of Acoustics, 7, 3-4, pp. 287-292, 1982

XXVIII open seminar on acoustics Gliwice, 7-11 September, 1981

H. Ryffert
Department of Acoustics. Mickiewicz University

XXVIII Open Seminar on Acoustics (OSA 81) was held in Gliwice on 7·11 September.
I9S1. It was organized by the High Silesian Division of the Polish Acoustical Society a.nd
the Institute of Physics, Silesian Technical University. The Organizing Committee was headed
by Dr. Wieslaw KASPRZYK. The Organizing Committee also included Zdzislaw JAKUBCZYK,
M. Sc., - financial problems. Dr. Eng. Marian NOWAK - foreign correspondence and care
of foreign guests and Dr. J6zef TurN - review of papers submitted to the Organizings
Committee and edition of seminar proceedings.
130 persons, including 5 foreign guests, took part in the Seminar. The foreign guests
were: Dr. Paul FRANQOIS (France). Dr. Nazar AL·RAwAs (Iraq). Dr. Hamon DETLEv (GDR).
Dr. Kaetzmer DIETER (GDR) and Dr. Ruser DETLEV (GDR). Sixty four papers. including
threo general ones, were delivered. In addition a film was shown on the history and research
in tho Institute headed by Dr. P. FRANQOIS.
The Seminar was held in three paralell sessions, each beginning with a leading paper
on a given subject.
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