Archives of Acoustics, 25, 1, pp. , 2000

The output of the fifty years' scientific activity of Prof. Dr. Jerzy Ranachowski

I. Malecki
Polish Academy of Sciences

Professor Jerzy Ranachowski began his research as an assistant at the Electrical Faculty of the Technical University in Wrocław under the guidance of Professor J. Skowroński. After getting a degree in 1951, he started working at the Institute of Electrical Engineering of this University. At that time, this Institute introducing innovative technical solutions was one of the most important research institution in Poland. The international prestige of the Institute opened a chance to encounter the newest achievements of world-wide science. The research of J. Ranachowski at this Institute concerned two fields related closely to one another: the high-voltage techniques and the technology of ceramic materials. Just at the beginning of these works, he focused his attention on the application of ultrasounds to testing of ceramic materials and high-voltage electric devices. In 1956, he established a close co-operation with the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. His interest in the problems of acoustics was gradually increasing. In 1975, Prof. Ranachowski started to work at the latter Institute, where, besides managing a research team, he held several responsible positions; among other, deputy director of the Institute. He still continued his acoustic research as well as the study of ceramic materials and high-voltage insulating systems. Professor Ranachowski retired in 1996 but remained a creative scientist and manages a team of research and technical workers. The scientific work and technical achievements of Prof. Ranachowski gained high recognition from the whole scientific community. This respect was expressed by appointing him full professor in 1987 as well as in the many rewards for his scientific and technical achievements. Furthermore, one should stress his considerable contribution to the development of acoustics in Poland as well as his engagement in the national and European co-operation in this research field. Professor Ranachowski is vice-president of the Committee on Acoustics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and an honorary member of the Polish Acoustical Society and has been its president since 1996. He has made a considerable contribution to the increasing co-operation of the latter society with the Federation of the Acoustical Societies of Europe (FASE) and later with the European Acoustics Association (EAA) that get through to FASE; at present, he is a member of the EAA Council. His membership of the European Material Research Society (E-MRS) is important for the international co-operation. The contribution of Prof. Ranachowski to the co-operation of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in the field of acoustics and the research of ceramics should be stressed. Under his scientific and organisational leadership, varied scientific and technological conferences are held regularly in which participate specialists in acoustics and ceramics from Poland and the neighbouring countries, i.e Belorus and the Ukraine. Also, the membership of Prof. Ranachowski in the Polish Electricians Society should be mentioned; he has established the Polish Committee of Electrotechnological Materials of this society.
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