Archives of Acoustics, 26, 4, pp. , 2001

Nonlinear evolution of the acoustic wave in a semi-ideal gas

A. Perelomova
Technical University of Gdańsk

S. Leble
Technical University of Gdańsk

M. Kuśmirek-Ochrymiuk
Technical University of Gdańsk

The method of deriving the evolution equation, based on
projecting is applied for the evaluation of the sound velocity and the
parameters of nonlinearity for real gases and liquids. The method yields in a
coupled system of interacting modes: leftwards and rightwards acoustic and heat
modes in the one-dimensional flow problem. The general form of the caloric
equation of state allows to get the coefficients of nonlinear equations in the
general form. As an example, the sound velocity and the nonlinear parameter B/A
for a variety of semi-ideal gases were calculated and the results compared with
experimental data.
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