Archives of Acoustics, 26, 4, pp. , 2001

Correlation between some physical properties for tri-component tellurite glasses and low temperature ultrasonic relaxation

M. A. Sidkey
National Institute for Standards

N.S. Abd El Aal
National Institute for Standards

L. Abd El Latif
National Institute for Standards

A. Abd El Moneim
Physics Department Faculty of Science, Zagazig University

Theoretical analysis of ultrasonic wave absorption and
elastic moduli for TeO2-V2O5-Sm2O3 glass system is presented. A correlation
between low temperature ultrasonic relaxation parameters and other physical
(elastic) properties for this glass system was achieved according to a model
presented by Bridge and Patel. Correlation coefficients greater than 96% were
obtained indicating that correlations between ultrasonic attenuation and
activation energy at low temperatures and the bulk modulus of this glass system
at room - temperature (through the two crucial structural parameters, number of
anions and anion-cation force) exist.
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