Archives of Acoustics, 27, 1, pp. , 2002

Scattering near a penetrable finite plane

T. Hayat

Acoustic scattering due to a point source by a penetrable
finite plane introducing the Kutta-Joukowski condition is studied. This
investigation is important in the sense that point source is regarded as
fundamental radiating device. Mathematical problem which is solved is an
approximate model for a noise barrier which is not perfectly rigid and therefore
transmits sound. Approximate boundary condition depends upon the thickness and
material constants which constitute the finite plane. The problem is solved
using integral transforms, the Wiener-Hopf technique and asymptotic methods. It
is found that the diffracted field is sum of the fields produced by the two
edges of the finite plane and an interaction field. It is once again found that
the field produced by the Kutta-Joukowski condition will be substantially larger
than the field produced in its absence when the source is near the edge.
Finally, physical interpretation of the result is discussed.
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