Archives of Acoustics, 27, 1, pp. , 2002

A new acoustic emission descriptor for modelled sources of partial discharges

F. Witos

Z. Gacek

A. Opilski

Partial discharges (PD) generated by differently modelled
PD sources have been studied by the acoustic emission (AE) method. The results
obtained were compared with the measured apparent electric charge values.
Acoustic images of the PD phenomena were created by recorded waveforms, phase
diagrams, frequency characteristics and calculated amplitude distribution
diagrams. Basing on the amplitude distributions, a new AE descriptor --- the ADP
descriptor (Amplitude Distribution of Power of AE signal descriptor) was
evaluated. The ADP descriptor distinguishes the physical processes connected
with the PD. For the described measuring situations, the calculated values of
the ADP descriptor show a good correlation of the ADP descriptor values with the
value of the apparent electric charge.
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