Archives of Acoustics, 27, 2, pp. , 2002

Effect of additive interference on speech transmission

S. Brachmański
Institute of Telecommunications and Acoustics, Wrocław University of Technology

This paper presents the relationship between logatom
intelligibility of Polish speech and a level of masking random noise. Subjective
measurements of intelligibility were carried out for optimal speech signal level
85 dBA and signal to noise ratio within a range from -15 dBA to +15 dBA. The
influence of the frequency distortion (band limiting) was investigated for three
cases of a band with: 100-6000 Hz, 400-2500 Hz and 300-3400 Hz. The obtained
results are shown as a curve describing a relation between a logatom
intelligibility and signal to noise ratio (S/N). The obtained characteristics
were compared with a standard curve given in ISO Recommendation for a two-ears
listening test.
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