Archives of Acoustics, 28, 3, pp. , 2003

Application of statistical analysis in result repeatability evaluation of acoustic emission measurements generated by partial discharges

T. Boczar

S. Wolny

The subject matter of this paper deals with the improvement
of the acoustic emission (AE) method in diagnostics of insulation systems of
power appliances. The paper presents the results of the statistical analysis of
the AE pulses generated by the setups modeling basic partial discharge (PD)
forms that can occur in oil insulation systems. Especially, the results of
parametric and non-parametric tests of quality of fit are presented that were
carried out in order to determine the probability distribution of the AE pulses
measured, to test the repeatability of the frequency analysis results obtained,
and to check the influence of the factors that can disturb this repeatability.
The statistical analyses were carried out based on the values of three
descriptors, i.e. shape coefficient, peak coefficient and median frequency,
which make the identification of basic PD forms occurring in insulation oil
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