Archives of Acoustics, 29, 2, pp. , 2004

Shipping noise

E. Kozaczka
Naval University in Gdynia; Gdańsk University of Technology

G. Grelowska
Naval University in Gdynia

The aim of this paper is to present the result of the
experimental research associated with the transmission of acoustic energy
generated by a moving ship and its impact on the marine animals. The methodology
of evaluation of the transmission of vibration energy from the ship's mechanisms
into the sea environment is given and some examples of underwater
characteristics of ship's noise are shown. All of these characteristics should
reflect individual features of the source that is a moving ship or a warship.
Knowledge of them gives information what steps should be undertaken to obtain
specified characteristics of the source. Besides, the characteristics allow to
assess, which factors are the most disadvantageous to the surrounding and
whether their reduction is possible without changes of operational variables of
the ship.
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