Archives of Acoustics, 34, 4, pp. 641-654, 2009

Structure and Ultrasonic Properties of Vanadium Tellurite Glasses Containing Copper Oxide

National Institute for Standards

Hesham A. AFIFI
National Institute for Standards

The elastic properties of vanadium tellurite glasses,
65TeO2-(35-x)V2O5-xCuO, with different compositions of Copper (x=7.5 to 17.5mol%
in steps of 2.5mol%) have been studied at room temperature (300K). The
ultrasonic velocity measurements have been made, using a transducer having
resonating frequency of 4MHz (both longitudinal and shear). The density, molar
volume, and ultrasonic velocities show interesting features, which are used to
explore the structural changes in the network. Elastic moduli, Poisson ratio,
crosslink density, Microhardnes, and Debye temperature of the glasses have been
determined using the experimental data. The composition dependence of the
elastic properties explores useful information about the physical properties of
the vanadium tellurite glasses doped with Copper. Quantitative analysis has been
carried out in order to obtain more information about the structure of the glass
under the study, based on bond compression model and the Makishima [ampersand] Mackenzie
model. The observed results through ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation,
investigate the structural changes and mechanical properties of the glass.
Keywords: ultrasonic velocity; elastic constant; crosslink density; Debye temperature and theoretical models
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