Archives of Acoustics, 32, 2, pp. 421-440, 2007

XIV International Conference Noise Control'07 Elbląg, Poland, June 3-6, 2007

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List of Abstracts
Augustyn A., Analysis of load and technical condit impact on acoustic field distribution in an environment
Batko W., Barański R., Hand vibration - operator's palm clamp effect
Canetto P., Analysis of sources for structure-borne noise
Ciesielka W., Vibration energy flow in joints of plates
Czyżewski A., Kotus J., Kostek B., Determining the noise impact on hearing employing psychoacoustical noise dosimeter
Dąbrowski Z., Dziurdź J., Klekot G., Studies on propagation of vibroacoustic energy in a large-size object
Dudarewicz A., Pawlaczyk-Łuszczyńska M., Śliwińska-Kowalska M., An optimal method of assessment the individual susceptibility to noise-induced hearing loss
Engel J.R., Kosała K., Sources of vibroacoustic hazards in open-pit mines of mineral raw materials
Engel Z.W., Kłaczyński M., Wszołek W., Vibroacoustics models of the selected human larynx diseases
Fiebig W., Noise sources location in fluid power machines
Fuente A., McPherson B., Central auditory damage induced by solvent exposure
Górski P., Applications of sensitivity analysis in testing of active noise reduction systems
Jędrzejewska M., Pleban D., Cooperation of notified bodies under EU directives 89/686/EEC, 98/37/EC, 2000/14/EC on the national and European level
Kaczmarska A., Augustyńska D., Wierzejski A., Infrasonic noise at workstations of drivers of road vehicles - assessment of exposure
Kaczmarska A., Łuczak A., Analysis of annoyance of low-frequency noise - tests in laboratory conditions
Kiciński J., Microturbines in dispersed cogeneration - vibroacoustic threats
Kompała J., Lipowczan A., Noise hazard to the population of areas connected with functioning of roadway frontier crossings
Kowalski P., Vibration and noise in road vehicles
Kozłowski E., Kotarbińska E., Laboratory objective method for noise reduction measurements of ear-muffs
Kucharski R., Complex noise indicator for noise mapping based on the EU working groups' and Polish results of the annoyance investigations
Kumar Krishan, Tyagi Vikrant, Jain Kumar Vinod, Attenuation of road traffic noise by a vegetation belt of Lantana Camara in Dehradun, India
Łapka W., Cempel Cz., Noise reduction of spiral ducts
Mayer A., The assessment of the real protective properties of PPE and the representativity of the test methods
Mirowska M., Noise in building - updated Polish standards
Młyński R., Kozłowski E., Żera J., Attenuation of noise by motorcycle safety helmets
Nowicka E., The problem with assessment of acoustical climate of underground stations
Pawlaczyk-Łuszczyńska M., Dudarewicz A., Śliwińska-Kowalska M., Proposed exposure criteria to prevent annoyance due to low frequency noise at workplaces
Pawlaczyk-Łuszczyńska M., Dudarewicz A., Śliwińska-Kowalska M., Theoretical predictions and actual hearing loss in workers exposed to ultrasonic noise of impulse character - a pilot study
Piechowicz J., Determination of acoustic fields in industrial rooms
Pierchała M., Analysis of impact of load and technical condition of noise sources on distribution of acoustic field in closed spaces
Pleban D., Acoustic modelling of machines using the inversion method for the purposes of the acoustic assessment of machines
Popescu D.I., Noise mapping in Romania under the framework of EU directive 2002/49/EC
Rdzanek W.P., Jr., Szemela K., Reduction of the sound power radiated by a two pistons system located near the three-wall corner
Rudno-Rudzińska B., Measurements of exposure sound level LAE generated by passing vehicles for different road surface types
Rudno-Rudzińska B., Noise protection of Wroclaw's motorway ring-road
Rudno-Rudziński K., Noise exposure of orchestra members measurement uncertainty related to sampling
Sanyogrta, Kumar Knghan, Jain Vinod Kumar, Community annoyance from aircraft-induced noise in Delhi
Smagowska B., Mikulski W., Identification ultrasonic sources based on the results of questionnaire survey
Stryczniewicz L., Localization of areas of increased vibroactivity by means of the inverse method
Suleiman Bashir M., Sound and noise levels inside UoS lecture halls
Szary M.L., Noise and vibration control of a mechanical systems using nonlinear rheological fluid model
Szopa J., Test stands and measurement method of vibration energy in human hand-arm system
Śliwiński A., Birnbach M., Zachara S., Sound absorption properties of Helmholtz resonators of perforated double plates inlet necks modified by geometrical configuration variations
Taras A., Kucharski R., Impact of weather conditions on the sound levels - pilot tests
Tratnik E., Interactive web tool for awareness rising regarding exposure to noise
Weyna S., Acoustic energy distribution in space around the pipe outlet
Wszołek G., Problems of all-weather microphones calibrations in real free-field conditions
Zamyslowska-Szmytke E., Śliwinska-Kowalska M., Hearing loss in workers exposed to noise, organic solvents and hand-arm vibration
Zawieska W.M., Rdzanek W.P., The influence of a vibrating rectangular piston on the acoustic power radiated by a rectangular plate
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