Archives of Acoustics, 23, 3, pp. 460, 1998

Polish and Hungarian co-ooperation in acoustics in the last forty years

Andràs Illènyi
G. Bèkèsy Acoustics Research Laboratory TU, Budapest

The co-operation in acoustics was wide prosperous between the East Central European Countries in the second part of this century. Within the framework of this co-operation seems very fruitful and effective the collaboration typically between Hungarian and Polish acousticians and institutions. The personal companionships are originated in October of the year 1956 first, when Prof. Tarnóczy was unable to go home from Moscow, and during the days of Hungarian revolution he was a guest of Prof. Malecki in Warsaw. The close contacts of the trade profession leaders of both countries, the historical well known friendly relationships of the Polish and Hungarian peoples, the contemporary very similar political and economic living space and the similar development of the acoustics at this time period of both partners, gave many many possibilities to prosper the contacts in acoustics. The official contacts were built in framework of the co-operation of both countries at the plane of Academics of Scientific first. These many decades long oficial contact made posible the change of researchers, the change of postdoctoral fellows, and the change of students. The systematic co-operation branches in the acoustics were in various decades with several intensities of the co-operation interest. The common economic state teamwork in industry, in agriculture, in technics, in science, in university education, in the international standardisation gave many and many common platforms in our topic too. The regular acoustics seminars and conferences organised regularly in both countries to grow the personal relationships, the common mentality technics, and scientific co-operation. The colleagues in acoustics helped each other mutually in international committees and boards to achieve the job organise international conferences, congresses in the fraternal country (eg. INTER NOISE'79 in Warsaw, 7-th ICA Congress in Budapest 1971, OSA'85 in Kraków, INTER NOISE'97 in Budapest, FASE Conferences: in Warsaw 1978, Sopron 1986, Balatonfüred 1992). The international managing of acoustics societies has very fruitful results in the Polish Hungarian co-operation. The idea of FASE, and the close co-operation in the board of FASE originated from common interesting in acoustics of both countries. The help to avoid EAA latter, the co-operation in ICA Board, and I-INCE gave many advantageous possibilities in the earlier and in the last decade too. The co-operation in the field of scientific technics societies was such close, that the Acoustical Society of Poland was reward in 1993 with the Bèkèsy Medal founded by the Hungarian society (OPAKFI) remembering 50-th anniversary of grounding the fraternal Polish Society, and the very effective contacts in acoustics and in scientific technics co-operation supported by this society.
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