Archives of Acoustics, 21, 3, pp. 325-333, 1996

Calculation of the acoustic radiation of a parallelepipedic structure by using acceleration measurements. Part 1: Evaluation of inaccuracies attached to the simplifications of the model in the case of a single vibrating side

G. Lovat

J.L. Barbry

T. Loyau

The determination of the acoustic pressure by a vibrating structure from velocities needs a great amount of measurements and calculations and the direct use of complete formulation is not possible in industrial situations.
The present paper proposes to calculate the radiated acoustic pressure by using velocity measurements and a simple software based on the monopoles distribution concept. The theoretical basis of the calculation is only available for a vibrating plate located in a rigid baffle. Nevertheless, this simple formulation is used in the case of a rectangular box with a single vibrating side with and without baffle.
The good agreement between experimental and theoretical results in this case allows us to use such a methodology for 3D structures with a pressure signal as reference signal.
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