Archives of Acoustics, 21, 4, pp. 431-446, 1996

Ultrasonic investigations of inclusion complexes of α-cyclodextrin with sodium alkyl sulfates. Kinetic and thermodynamic parameters

A. Juszkiewicz
Department of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University, 30-060 Kraków, Ingardena 3

A. Balcerzak
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, 00-049 Warszawa, Świętokrzyska 21

Velocity and attenuation measurements of ultrasonic waves in aqueous solutions of α-cyclodextrin containing different sodium alkyl sulfates were made. The occurrence or an ultrasonic relaxation process, most probably connected with a deeper penetration of the alkyl chain into the cyclodextrin cavity and a more tight structure of the inclusion complexes of α-cyclodextrin with sodium decyl-, dodecyl- and tetradecyl sulfates, has been established. Thermodynamic and kinetic parameters related to this process have been calculated.
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