Archives of Acoustics, 19, 2, pp. 281-297, 1994

Study on solvation of aluminium, magnesium and sodium ions in water-urea mixtures with use of ultrasonic and densitometric methods

A. Juszkiewicz
Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University, 30-060 Kraków

W. Węgiel
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology, Technical University of Cracov, 31-155 Kraków

The measurements of ultrasonic wave velocity and density of ternary mixtures: electrolyte-urea-water and quaternary mixtures electrolyte-urea-water-ethanol with AlCl3, Al(NO3)3 MgC2 and NaCl as electrolytes have been carried out in the temperature range of 15 to 35oC. Analysis of the results indicates that urea molecules participate in the solvation structures of the Al3+ ions but not those of Mg2+ and Na+ ions. A model for the structure of the mixed solvation sphere around the Al3+ ion has been suggested.
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