Archives of Acoustics, 20, 2, pp. 139-150, 1995

Surface acoustic wave spectroscopy in investigation of electrical properties of the near-surface region in GaAs crystals

T. Pustelny
Institute of Physics, Silesian University of Technology, 44-100 Gliwice, Krzywoustego 2

The possibility of the appyling the surface acoustic wave of Rayleigh type to semiconductor
investigations is described. The transverse acoustoelectric effect has been used to study the
real surfaces of GaAs:Cd (111) and GaAs:Si (110) single crystals. The semiconductor surface
in the layered structure: piezoelectric wave guide-semiconductor were performed. These
investigations for different surface acoustic wave (SAW) frequencies were carried out.
The values of the electric surface potentionall Φs the carrier density
ns as well as the effective life time τe of the
minority carriers were obtained. The investigations were performed in a 50-200 MHz frequence
range. The dynamic values of these semiconductor surface parameters in a high frequency
acoustic wave range were presented. The results have shown that the electrical and electron
surface parameters may be various for different frequencies.
Keywords: acoustoelectric effect, semiconductor surface potential
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