Archives of Acoustics, 37, 1, pp. 97–102, 2012

Estimation of Acoustic Impedance for Surfaces Delimiting the Volume of an Enclosed Space

AGH University of Science and Technology

Ireneusz CZAJKA
AGH University of Science and Technology

Several methods can be applied for analyses of the acoustic field in enclosed rooms namely: wave
propagation, geometrical or statistical analysis. The paper presents problems related to application of
the boundary elements method to modelling of acoustic field parameters. Experimental and numerical
studies have been combined for evaluation of acoustic impedance of the material used for the walls of
a model room. The experimental studies have been carried out by implementing a multichannel measuring
system inside the constructed model of an industrial room. The measuring system allowed simultaneous
measurements of the source parameters – the loudspeaker membrane vibration speed, the acoustic pressure
values in reception points located inside the model space as well as phase shifts between signals registered
in various reception points. The numerical modelling making use of the acoustic pressure values measured
inside the analyzed space allowed determination of requested parameters of the surface at the space
Keywords: acoustic impedance; acoustic measurement; numerical methods; sound field
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