Archives of Acoustics, 32, 4(S), pp. 305-312, 2007

Comparative calibrations of measuring microphones performed in a free field

Grażyna Wszołek
AGH University of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanics and Vibroacoustics, Al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Kraków

Wiesław Barwicz
SVANTEK Sp.z o.o., Pl. Inwalidów 3/62, 01-514 Warszawa

Comparison of calibrations of measuring microphones obtained in two laboratories – Laboratory
of Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig (Germany) and Laboratory
of Vibroacoustics at the University of Science and Technology in Kraków (Poland) is presented
in the paper. However, the performed calibrations were not the official Inter-Laboratory
Comparisons (ILC), since those comparisons in the field of \textit{Calibrations of reference microphones
in a free field} are still at the preparatory stage.
The paper contains comparisons of the calibration results (together with uncertainty of
measurements) obtained in both laboratories for exactly the same devices as well as the traceability
of the results. According to the guidelines of the Polish Centre for Accreditation –
given in the DA-05 document – the index $E_n$ constitutes the assessment criterion.
The selected problems related to calibrations and influencing their results – are discussed
by the authors. They have drawn a special attention to comparisons of the calibration results
obtained in various laboratories. Those problems are connected – among others – with the lack
of basic data in the Calibration Certificates concerning e.g. traceability of the results, reference
microphones, methods of measurements and uncertainty of measurements assessments.
The paper contains suggestions concerning further co-operation of laboratories in this field.
Keywords: free-field calibration, microphone frequency responses, Inter-Laboratory Comparisons.
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