Archives of Acoustics, 36, 4, pp. 761–775, 2011

Examination of the Effect of a Sound Source Location on the Steady-State Response of a Two-Room Coupled System

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences

In this paper, the computer modelling application based on the modal expansion
method is developed to study the influence of a sound source location on a steady-
state response of coupled rooms. In the research, an eigenvalue problem is solved
numerically for a room system consisting of two rectangular spaces connected to one
another. A numerical procedure enables the computation of shape and frequency of
eigenmodes, and allows one to predict the potential and kinetic energy densities in a
steady-state. In the first stage, a frequency room response for several source positions
is investigated, demonstrating large deformations of this response for strong and
weak modal excitations. Next, a particular attention is given to studying how the
changes in a source position influence the room response when a source frequency
is tuned to a resonant frequency of a strongly localized mode.
Keywords: coupled room system; steady-state room response; potential and kinetic energy densities; localization of modes
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