Archives of Acoustics, 36, 4, pp. 975–980, 2011

International Congress on Ultrasonics Gdańsk, Poland, September 5 – 8, 2011


Bogumił LINDE

The International Congress on Ultrasonics’2011 held in Gdańsk, Poland was
the third one (after Viena’2007, Austria and Santiago’2009, Chile) over the world meet-
ing of the ultrasonics community, continuing a long tradition of Ultrasonics Interna-
tional Conferences (organized every second year since 1963 to 2005), as well asWorld
Congresses on Ultrasonics (organized every second year since 1995 to 2005). Last
6 years experience of foundation of ICU congresses have shown a real progress in global
integration process of the ultrasonics community and provided an excellent platform for
the professional knowledge, exchange among scientists and engineers from academic and
industrial centers as well as from other institutions and places of ultrasonics studies and
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