Archives of Acoustics, 36, 3, pp. 677-677, 2011


Editorial Board

With deep sorrow we must let you know that Professor Helena Harajda passed
away 25 April, 2011. As a close coworker of Professor Marek Kwiek she was ac-
tively involved in creating first Polish Centrum of Acoustics in Poznań (1950).
Later on (1960), she was one of the founder of Polish Acoustical Society. During
her professional activity she was employed in Adam Mickiewicz University, Musi-
cal Academy, Agricultural Academy in Poznań, also in Pedagogical High School
in Zielona Góra (now University of Zielona Góra) and in Technical School for
Violin Makers in Nowy Targ.
The education of a violin-makers was her greatest passion. Her performance
was characterized by great engagement and dedication especially when she was
Prof. Helena Harajda was always positive and forward-looking person. There
will be many friends and colleagues who will miss her greatly.
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