Archives of Acoustics, 46, 3, pp. 389–397, 2021

Magnetosonic Excitation of the Entropy Perturbations in a Plasma with Thermal Conduction Depending on Temperature

Technical University of Gdansk

Nonlinear excitation of the entropy perturbations by magnetosonic waves in a uniform and infinite plasma model is considered. The wave vector of slow or fast mode forms an arbitrary angle θ (0≤θ≤π) with the equilibrium straight magnetic field, and all perturbations are functions of the time and longitudinal coordinate. Thermal conduction is the only factor which destroys isentropicity of wave perturbations and causes the nonlinear excitation of the entropy mode. A dynamic equation is derived which describes excitation of perturbation in the entropy mode in the field of dominant magnetosonic mode. Effects associatiated with temperature dependent and anisotropic thermal conduction are considered and discussed.
Keywords: nonlinear magnetohydrodynamics; magnetosonic heating; thermal conduction of a plasma
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DOI: 10.24425/aoa.2021.138132