Archives of Acoustics, 8, 1, pp. 95-96, 1983

VIII conference on the utilization of ultrasonic methods for studying the properties of condensed matter 2ilina (czechoslovakia) 1-4 september, 1982

Eugeniusz Sockiewicz
Silesian University of Technology

VIII Conference on the Utilization of Ultrasonic Methods for Studying the Properties of Condensed Matter was held on 1-4 September, 1982 at 2ilina (Czechoslovakia). The Con-ference was sponsored by the Physics Section of the Slovak Mathematicians and Physicists Association, the Acoustic Committe (Ultrasonics Subcommission) of the Czechoslovak Aca¬demy of Sciences, and organized by the Physics Department of the Technical University of Advanced Transport Engineering at 2ilina, and Physics Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. Assistant Prof. Dr. J. DUR6EK was the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference.
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