Archives of Acoustics, 7, 3-4, pp. 281-286, 1982

An improved piezoelectric ceramic transducer for ultrasonic applications in air

V. N. Bindal
National Physical Laboratory

Mukesh Chandra
National Physical Laboratory

The design considerations of 80 new type of piezoelectric ceramic transducer
for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves in air have been reported. This
transducer contains a bilaminar assembly consisting of a piezoelectric ceramic
disc and a metallic plate which oscillates in flexural mode. This bilaminar assem·
bly mounted at its nodal circle can be designed to operate at a fixed frequency
in the range of 25 to 50 kHz.
The constructional details and the working of the transducer have also
been given. The resonant frequenciesJcxp observed experimentally for transducers
having good transmitting and receiving sensitivities are found to be in good agreement
with the values feal derived from theoretical considerations.
This closed-type transducer is rugged and compact and can be employed
with advantage in several indoor as well as outdoor uses in automation, sensing
and remote control applications.
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