Archives of Acoustics, 6, 1, pp. 85-86, 1981

1st spring school of acousto-optics and its applications Gdansk- Wieiyea 26-30 May 1980

Antoni Śliwiński
University of Gdańsk

The School was organized by the Institute of Physics of the University of Gdatisk and the Sections of Quantum and Molecular Acoustics and Sonochemistry of Polish Acousti¬cal Society and supported by the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Honorary Committee consisted of Prof. Dr. Ignacy MA¬LECKI, Prof. Dr. Hanna RYFFERT, Prof. Dr. Janusz SOKOLOWSKI. The Organizing Committee consisted of Prof. Dr. Antoni gLIWIiISKI, Prof. Dr. Aleksander OPILSKI, Prof. Dr. Jerzy_ RANACHOWSKI, Dr. Anna MARKIEWICZ and Maria BORYSEWICZ, M. Sc., Dr. Iwona WOJ¬CIECHOWSKA, Dr. Marek KOSMAL, Dr. Piotr KWIEK and Dr. Bogumil LINDE.
The School had an international character both in terms of experts invited (9 from abroad and 7 from Poland) and participants (5 from abroad and 51 from Poland). 72 scientists took part in the school. In addition to 22 lectures there were also 15 poster form presenta¬tions.
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