Archives of Acoustics, 5, 3, pp. 221-234, 1980

Acoustic properties of selected liquids over the ultra- and hypersonic ranges

Mikołaj Łabowski
Acoustics Department, University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań

The paper presents the results of the investigation of the ultra- and hyper¬sonic properties of some selected liquids. It also analyses the temperature variation of the ratio Ic/2ImB in the fine structure of the Rayleigh line of scattered light. On the basis of the results of the experimental investigation it is shown that the following relaxation processes occur in the liquids investigated: rota¬tional isomerism in n-hexane and iso-octane ; structural relaxation in isobutyric acid and vibrational relaxation in n-heptane. It has been observed that no acoustic dispersion occurs in nitroethane below a frequency of 4 GHc.
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