Archives of Acoustics, 5, 3, pp. 237-250, 1980

Mutual acoustic impedance of circular membranes and plates with bessel axially-symmetric vibration velocity distributions

Witold Rdzanek
Theoretical Physics Department, Higher Pedagogical School

In this paper the mutual impedance of circular membranes and circular plates clamped at the circumference is analyzed. It was assumed that a Bessel axially-symmetric vibration velocity distribution was predetermined on the surface of the sources, and that the sources were placed in a rigid planar baffle. The impedance was calculated by a method based on a Fourier representation of the acoustic pressure. In view of the axially-symmetric vibration velocity distribution, the acoustic pressure and the subsequent formulae for the mutual impedance are given in the Hankel representation. As a result, the mutual impedance can be expressed in the form of a single integral. Practically useful formulae are derived for specific cases. The results of the calculation are also shown graphically.
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