Archives of Acoustics, 5, 4, pp. 305-314, 1980

An impulsive source of strong underwater acoustic disturbances

Eugeniusz Kozaczka
Naval College

The present paper discusses the problems connected with the construction of an impulsive high-power electroacoustic transducer. The operating principle of the transducer is the discharge of a capacitors by a thin wire.
The paper also shows the electrical system of the transducer and gives the values of the basic electrical components (parameters) of the circuit.
The transducer generates acoustic disturbances of very short duration, which permits this type of 'source to be used in studies of sea physics.
The paper presents the results of the investigation of the source itself, performed in an anechoic basin. The maximum level of the acoustic pressure obtained at a voltage U = 3.8 kV and a capacitance C = 450 11.F was 230 dB re¬lative to a pressure of 1 EPa, at a distance of 1 m from the source.
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