Archives of Acoustics, 38, 3, pp. 351–356, 2013

Underwater Noise Generated by a Small Ship in the Shallow Sea

Polish Naval Academy; Gdańsk University of Technology

Eugeniusz KOZACZKA
Gdańsk University of Technology; Polish Naval Academy

Polish Naval Academy

Polish Naval Academy

Study of the sea noise has been a subject of interest for many years. The first works in this scope were published at the turn of the twentieth century by Knudsen (Knudsen et al., 1948) and G. Wenz (Wenz, 1962). Disturbances called “shipping noise” are one of the important components of the sea noise. In this work the results of an experimental research of underwater noise produced by a small ship of a classic propulsion are presented. A linear receiving antenna composed of two orthogonal components was used in the investigation. Identification of the main sources of acoustic waves related with the ship was achieved. In addition, the intensity of the wave was measured. The research was performed in conditions of the shallow sea.
Keywords: signal processing; sound propagation; underwater ship noise; propagation in the shallow sea
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