Archives of Acoustics, 25, 2, pp. , 2000

Analysis of a resonator with a directional ultrasonic vibration converter of R-L type using the finite elements method

T. Gudra
Wrocław University of Technology Institute of Telecommunication and Acoustics

Some results of the analysis of the R-L type resonator with
directional converter using the finite elements method (FEM) are presented in
the paper. Three types of resonator tuning result from the analysis and they can
be used for converters of other type. The modal patterns in anti-phase and
in-phase vibration modes for all types of tuning are presented. The choice of
particular tuning depends on the way of using the converter. The modulus of the
relation between the surface displacement amplitude for a longitudinal vibrating
resonator and the side displacement amplitude for a radial vibrating resonator
can be interpreted as the gain coefficient of converter's vibration amplitude.
Moreover the influence of rode and disk resonator dimensions on proper
frequencies of the converter vibration is described.
Keywords: resonator; directional converter; ultrasonic vibration
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