Archives of Acoustics, 25, 3, pp. , 2000

Thermochemical properties of binary liquid systems N-alcohol/cyclohexane determined by an acoustic method

K. Bebek
Silesian University, Institute of Chemistry

The results of ultrasonic and volumetric measurements were
used to obtain the excess molar enthalpies for binary liquid mixtures containing
cyclohexane, as the common component, and primary aliphatic alcohols
(n-propanol, n-butanol and n-pentanol) at 293.15 K. The
excess molar enthalpies of those systems are positive in the whole
concentrations range and show evidently different concentration dependences. The
excess internal pressure of the liquid mixtures, determined in a few different
ways, are negative for all the systems. The behaviour of those excesses are
discussed in terms of intermolecular interactions in the binaries and the
self-association potential of the alcohols.
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