Archives of Acoustics, 25, 4, pp. , 2000

Fabrication of the membranes on a silicon base for the sensors with the ultrasonic waves Lamba-type generated by using the interdigital transducers

J. Gołębiowski
Technical University of Łódź Institute of Theoretical Electrotechnics, Metrology and Materials Science

The construction of the microsensor with the ultrasonic
wave of Lamba-type as well as the conditions of the wave propagation are
presented. The possibilities of the fabrication of multi-layer membranes on a
silicon base using the microelectronics technologies are presented and
discussed. The analysis of the usefulness of the processes mentioned for the
production of thin membrane sensors was carried out taking into consideration
intrinsic stresses. A summary of the experimental results is given and the most
useful parameters of the membrane ultrasonic sensors are pointed out.
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