Archives of Acoustics, 26, 2, pp. , 2001

Application of BEM to modelling loudspeaker's directivity patterns based on its dynamic behaviour

E. B. Skrodzka
Adam Mickiewicz University, Institute of Acoustics

A. P. Sęk
Adam Mickiewicz University, Institute of Acoustics

This paper is concerned with numerical modelling of
directivity patterns of loudspeakers. The Boundary Element Method (BEM) was
used. Results of modal analysis served as the boundary conditions for modelling.
For a loudspeaker with a planar membrane and a woofer with a quasi-conical paper
membrane, the directivity patterns found during modelling were compared to
characteristics measured in an anechoic chamber. It was shown that the
calculated patterns were similar to those measured in the chamber. In
particular, the position of an acoustic axis and value of sound pressure level
along the main axis of symmetry was predicted with satisfactory precision. Thus,
the relation between vibration and radiation of the loudspeakers was shown.
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