Archives of Acoustics, 26, 2, pp. , 2001

On practical aspects of optimal modelling in boundary element method

A. Brański
Pedagogical University, Institute of Technics

R. Olszewski
University of Mining and Metallurgy, Department of Mechanics and Vibroacoustics

The paper is concerned with application of the BEM in the
environmental noise problems. The main step of the BEM is the discretization of
the boundary into elements. Using too many elements is not efficient. To
eliminate this drawback, in this paper two ideas are proposed. First of them is
the optimal discretization, and the second one is the solution of the modelling
problem in rotated coordinates. Since the optimal discretization theory derived
for the function of one variable, then only the 2D problem is considered. The
commercial code SYSNOISE is used to solve the numerical examples. The results
confirm the utility of the proposed ideas.
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